Art Therapy and Creativity

Workshops and individual and group sessions of

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  • development of  creativity through the visual arts

Venue: Pozuelo de Alarcón

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a discipline, integrating visual arts and psychology, that accompanies the person, within a therapeutic relationship, in a path of gradual of change and life improvement, by means of artistic production. The process of creation is more important than the artistic quality of the resulting work, and it functions as a symbolic expression of the issues that affect the person most deeply. Art is a privileged channel to access our unconscious contents and resources. Its richness in symbolism and its mystery make art a privileged instrument to come in contact with oneself. The therapist's presence and intervention during the process facilitates expression, creativity and inquiry, and contribute to the elaboration and the integration of contents in a process of growing self-knowledge, awareness, development, balance and well-being.

Art therapy is effective with all kind of people and groups, either for therapeutic purposes or for social inclusion, education or personal growth, and it does not require previous experience or expertise in artistic techniques.

The art therapist possesses theoretical and practical knowledge in art and a university degree in the areas of art, psychology, social intervention or teaching, and has, additionaly, a master's degree in art therapy.    

Ana Iribas Rudín

Art therapist. Gestalt therapist. Integrative therapist.

Teacher and researcher in art and psychology.

Ph.D., B.A. and M.A. in fine arts, M.A. in art therapy, diploma (3 yrs.) in first cycle of medicine. University studies in psychology and training in humanistic and transpersonal psychology in Spain and the USA. Integrative therapist (Claudio Naranjo's SAT program). Gestalt therapist (Escuela Madrileña de Terapia Gestalt). Adjunct professor at Madrid universties in fine arts and art therapy.

I can speak Spanish, English, French, Swedish and Italian, and understand a great deal of German.

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“After five months of sessions with Ana, I can say that she is the best alternative I have found to other classical therapies. I am better aquainted than I would have desired with the work with psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists. And, for those who have not endeavoured to find something as difficult as personal balance, the art therapy sessions with her have helped me to venture, step by step and without traumas, into the knowledge of my inner being. Ana is an honest professional and, above all, committed with the personal path in the search for peace and inner balance.” (C.G.R.)


“A space to know oneself better and find oneself throug artistic creativity and dialogue, guided by a very professional therapist, kind, delicate and very human.” (María Fábregas)


“I look forward to every session with Ana with great enthusiasm and come away from every session having learnt something about myself and Ana's comments and insight always give me something to think about. Focussing on the part of artistic expression in the sessions gives you something to talk about as well as a bit of silent time, which is equally important. It is without doubt something that everyone and anyone can benefit from.” (S.V.)

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